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Written @ 5:22 AM
Hey people! Rees here. I wanna thank Elyana for making 6K's blog. Lets give her an around of applause,Drag and drop me I wanna tell u guys what will happen whn they are holding the torch for YOG 2010. This is wht will happen:Drag and drop me

And remember guys,vagaries are not allowed such as:Drag and drop me,Drag and drop me,Drag and drop me and Drag and drop me. If any of these are found,WE WILL TAKE SERIOUS ACTIONS!

Take care readers n
Drag and drop me

Rees Safina, Signing Off.

Heeyyy 6KING!
Written @ 7:23 PM
Hey six king members! This is nabilah typing! You noe watt! I miss 6kingg! I miss them for just one day!! =O!! Well2 it's getting late..I gotta pack up for my outside cca later which is Silat. Hahaha. Lolz. Some of you may not noe what it is. Well i gotta tell you it is a malay martial arts. well so lazy la to talk many2. Well..B4 its too late..I gotta remind you this..EVERY ONE MUST3 READD!! GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR PSLE THIS YEAR! 6K! I LOVE YOU LAAA! you should only read the red one not the blck one..teeheess! more thing!! BYE2! I MISS YA ALLLLL!!

Written @ 1:56 AM

this are the photos when we went to kukup and one of them was when we went to marina barage^^

hi there Jermaine here:D

First post !
Written @ 5:27 AM

Hi ! imma Elyana here ~ short post but first post :P

i created&edited this blog ! do comment on it :) i long time nvr do those edit edit stuffs so like forget some codes xD